About the Foundation

The Foundation for Effective Governance (FEG) was established in 2007 to develop and implement projects and programs focused on the long-term development of the Ukrainian economy and to further public debate on the most important economic challenges facing Ukraine. FEG is a nonprofit, independent organization serving the interests of Ukrainian citizens.

FEG’s initiatives are focused on practical results; therefore, it actively cooperates with the government at all levels during the development and realization of its projects and programs.

One of FEG’s fundamental principles is to engage top international experts. Each project is carried out in partnership with leading international organizations that have extensive expertise in solving similar challenges. International experts in close cooperation with Ukrainian specialists directly interact with the appropriate State authorities to take into account the best world practice as well as the features of the Ukrainian economy. After the programmes are approved, the Foundation assists the authorities in implementing the reforms.

The Foundation for Effective Governance is Mr. Rinat Akhmetov’s private initiative; it is his personal contribution to the economic development of Ukraine and the facilitation of systematic dialogue among experts, government, business, civil society organizations, and mass media.The Foundation’s Founder provides financial support, leaving the full independence of actions and decisions to the Foundation, within the framework of the existing mission. The Managing Director is responsible for soliciting, managing, and evaluating the Foundation’s projects. The Foundation’s Director is responsible for general management, formulating strategy and representing the Foundation in public.